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CLICK Carabiner’s mission is to provide the essential tools for enthusiasts in a clever, simple, and effective carabiner form.

CLICK Carabiners began with the skate carabiner tool. Skateboarding specific wrenches, a screwdriver and a bottle opener were all fit into a carabiner form to make the first on the go skateboard tool that clips right to a belt loop or backpack. Highly compact and extremely portable, the CLICK Carabiner keeps your keys secure and your tools on hand at all times. Naturally, people began to ask us for other niche specific carabiners. We marched ourselves straight back to the drawing boards and designed the Alpine Ski and Snowboard Carabiner.

Having a CLICK Ski or Snowboard carabiner could save your day on the mountain. In fact, the tools included in these carabiners are incredibly handy to have on you even if you don’t ski or snowboard. CLICK Carabiners provides enthusiasts with a set of tools in a single form that represents what they love to do. Its features have been proven to provide a clear benefit to those who need the tools on the go and want to represent their passion in an interesting way. What was once thought of as a climbing tool or a cool key chain now has endless possibilities to suit your lifestyle’s needs. 

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